Revenue require you to download the latest Digital Cert file. It is this new file that you need to use to upload Form 11’s to ROS, or import data into TaxPro PT. Please make sure you download the latest cert and copy it into the correct location. Below are instructions on how to do this.

  • Click on the rounded arrow beneath “Backup”, for the digital cert you’d like to download.
  • Now click on the Backup button, and the new digital cert will begin to download.
  • When your digital cert is finished downloading, find it (most likely in your Downloads folder) and then move it to the appropriate folder. In most cases this is C:\ROS\ROSCerts. Where this is not the case, contact your IT Person or your ROS Certs Administrator to find out where it should go.
  • I’d also suggest you move the old certs to a new location, so they will not appear on TaxPro’s dropdown list when you are choosing your digital cert.

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