pexels-photoTraining on the software can be provided on site. Whether you require training as a new user or a refresher course for a seasoned user we tailor the training around your specific needs and incorporate the training program with the producers within your practice. Below is an over view of the main areas covered in training.





ROS Imports – What can be imported from ROS

  • Client list
  • Personal Details
  •  Preliminary Tax
  •  Withholding Tax

Personal Details

  • Date of birth –why they are mandatory
  • Identifying your client as chargeable or non-chargeable for PRSI
  • PRSI/USC exemptions when and why you need to claim them
  • Non-resident clients

Trade and Professional Income

  • Adjusted Profit
  • Capital allowance set up and claims (keeping details of all clients assets in the software not on excel)
  • Losses claims
  • Accounts Menu

Employment & Pensions

  • Using the ROS import
  • Different categories covered
  • Propriety director and its effects on the PRSI/PAYE credit

Irish Dividend

  • Using the Interactive Data drop downs (recording all clients holdings in the software)

Case IV

  • Deposit interest (recording all clients’ Accounts individually within the software0
  • all other case IV

Rental income

  • Income & expenditure computations (doing each Rental income and expenditure comp individually within the software. It is required by legislation and keeps all client details in one place)
  • Rental income Summary
  • Capital allowances & losses claims

Overseas Income

  • Distributions (recording al clients overseas holdings individually)
  • employment & pensions
  • setting up/using currency
  • Effective rate calculation

Various Reliefs & credits

  • Medical expenses (recording all medical expenses in the software as back up)
  • Home carers
  • Home Renovation
  • Retirement Annuities and AVC

High Earners

  • How it works
  • Tax Pro Computation
  • Potential relief report

File online

  • Step by step through the file on line wizard and submitting to ROS
  • Discussing differences between ROS and Taxpro Computations (tax support and back up information from ITSS. Showing that ROS is not always correct and has errors)
  • Completing the ROS self-assessment


(Deciding on standard report pack that all clients will receive)

  • Settings to change format of reports
  • Generating a Report pack
  • Creating Report Templates


(Implementing standardised checklists within the firm to be followed by all staff when completing any return- reduces error, eliminates common mistakes)

  • What is available?
  • How to use checklists
  • How to create checklist templates


(Using the software to print standard letters)

  • Using the software to prepare standard letters

General Admin

(Using the software to track progress of the return and to be the “truth” on what returns are submitted what clients are not submitted”

  • Different Reports available
  • Milestone & deadlines what can be tracked and what can be done with the information
  • Practice dashboard –what information it has and how it can be used

Scratch Pad Client

(Tax planning tool for clients)

  • What it is and how it can be used

Partnership module

  • How to create a partnership
  • Link the partners to your clients in taxpro
  • Completing the Form 1
  • Showing the transfer of information form the partnership to the individual clients form 11