Sage Personal Tax Pro (Current Version: 2023 v4.03)

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Sage Personal Tax Pro is the market leader in Personal Tax Software and is designed, supported and tested by Chartered Tax Advisors, ensuring we are providing Tax Practitioners with the highest quality and most comprehensive tax software available.

Early release dates enable our clients to start processing tax returns early in the year thus reducing the pressure on your practice around the filing deadline.

Just some of the Key Features & Benefits:

  • Designed, supported and tested by Chartered Tax Advisors. All clients have unlimited email and telephone access to Chartered Tax Advisors with specialist knowledge of Personal and Corporation Tax compliance.
  • Manage your clients correspondence with our mail merge facility. Effortlessly create and print batches of letters for your clients within minutes.
  • Risk Management, use our in built checklist facility to ensure software users follow internal firm policy when completing tax returns.
  • Interactive Data – the software holds a complete database of dividend payments made by Irish & UK Public Quoted Company’s and will automatically pre fill the return with client dividend received.
  • High Earners Calculation – An inbuilt calculation to assess If your client is a “high earner” and to recalculate taxable income when required.
  • Capital allowance database allows users to input individual plant and machinery and motor vehicle details. The software will then calculate the relevant rate of wear and tear available each year.
  • Using ROS pre populated webservices, Schedule E information and Social Welfare payments can be electronically transferred into the software from ROS, at the click of a button.
  • Automated Agent link and PAYE A1 and A2 Form generation. The inbuilt ROS web services allows users to cross check clients on the Tax Pro Data base with clients registered on ROS. PAYE A1 forms and Agent link forms can then be prefilled and automatically generated.
  • Detailed Report Packs can be generated for your clients including a Personal Tax computation, Rental Income and Expenditure computations etc. The reports design can be customised to include your firms logo etc.
  • Hypothetical Computation. Create a copy of client data and adjust details to create “what if” scenario’s.
  • In-depth computation schedules give a step by step guide to how calculations such as the Foreign Effective Rate, USC, PRSI and Income Tax allowances and reliefs have been calculated.
  • Revenue Approved Form 12.
  • Ability to complete Form 46G and submit on line directly to ROS.
  • Integrates with Sage Partnership Pro.


Sage Partnership Pro


Is a completely integrated system which allows users to complete Form 1 Firms and file directly to ROS. Relevant information for each individual partner is transferred automatically to the individual on Sage Personal Tax Pro, filling in Form 11 details.

The is an immediate Personal Tax computation and Personal Income Tax return available to generate in Sage Personal Tax Pro as soon as the Partnership return  Form 1 has been completed.


Key Features & Benefits Include:


  • Automated calculation of Partner share of Profits, Income, Allowances & Reliefs based on Partnership Profit Share.
  • Unused capital allowances not claimed by individual Partners are automatically carried up to the partnership to be distributed in next period by Partnership.
  • Detailed back up reports for files including a complete rollover of data from year to year carrying forward unused losses capital allowances etc.